WordPress Theme : How to Delete WordPress Theme

Every blogger have their own choice of WordPress theme. It is identity of website. However, changing themes too often is also not recommended. The reason is that apart from wasteful space, you can also enjoy loading onto the website.

Why Unused WordPress themes should be deleted?

Here are some reasons why unused themes should be removed from hosting:

Website security issues.

A good anti malware from a WordPress plugin or hosting can only protect your Website from active files. Inactive themes can deter Websites as they can accommodate malware and backdoors by Hackers

Save hosting space.

Installing too many themes can make website files bigger. This will increase the memory on your hosting because of the data backup on the hosting. For that it is very useful for themes that are not used anymore.

Can Speed ​​up Your website loading

small files can certainly speed up the loading of your Website. Too many themes installed are also useless because you can only use one theme for your Website. Please use GTmetrix to know your Website Speed.

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Here are some ways to delete your WordPress Theme.

Remove the WordPress theme via the admin page (dashboard)

The following will apply the WordPress theme method on the Admin page (Dash Board)

  1. Go to your Word Press admin page (example: https://yoursite.com/wp-admin)
  2. On the WordPress dashboard page select Appearance »
  3. Select Themes »
  4. Then select theme details »
  5. Look at the lower right corner select delete.

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Remove the WordPress theme via Cpanel

Sometimes in some cases the template cannot be deleted via the admin page. So we can use another alternative through Cpanel. Here’s how:

  1. Login to Cpanel »
  2. Select File manager »
  3. Click Public_html »
  4. Then Select wp-content »
  5. Choose a theme »
  6. Then select the theme you want to delete »
  7. Press Delete.


Too many themes can affect the loading performance of your website. Deleting all templates will remain safe because files such as images of articles, plugins and other important files are stored in different folders. As a suggestion, you can leave one default theme like Twenty Nineteen so that if the theme we use doesn’t work we can activate the default theme. Hopefully useful.

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