Tutorial of Privacy Policy : Make Privacy Policy Page

This tutorial will explain how to make privacy policy page by using Privacy Policy Online. It is not only so simple but also free generate. Here is Tutorial of Privacy Policy page.


1. Visit Privacy Policy Page Generator

here is the link to generate your Privacy Page Generator for your Blog : https://www.privacypolicyonline.com/. 

home page of Privacy Policy


2. Start To Generate

Next Step is click Free Generator. and you will get direct to the next page and please choose  Privacy Policy Generator.

Privacy policy genarator


3. Fill Information about your Blog.

Next step is you need to fill your blog’s information such as your website/app name, your Website URL, then klick Next (Continue to 2nd infromation Page).

1st step Privacy Policy : Edit your information

Next stepp, you need to fill second information page about your Clausess. Please fill it according your information (Such as your country), then click next. 

2nd Step of Privacy Policy : Adding Information

The last step about your information is fill your email and click Create Privacy Policy.

3rd Step of Privacy Policy : adding Email

after finishing all your information, Privacy Policy Generator will generate yours

4th Step of Privacy Policy : Copy HTML


4. Copy HTML to your Blog to make your Privacy Policy Page

After complete all the steps, you need to copy HTML code to your blog by Click Copy to Clipboard. Make new page in your blog. 
Here is the steps (make sure you are in HTML Mode) 

  1. Name your page with Privacy Policy (make sure 
  2. Paste your HTML code
  3. Publish it
6th Step of Privacy Policy : Input HTML

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 5. Done

Congratulation, now you have Privacy Policy Page. You can try this tutorial to make your Privacy Policy Page on your Blog.

Last Step of Privacy Policy : Done

Note : You can make your Disclaimer Page for your blog by using this genarate too.  More information please visit this website here.

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