What is Google AdSense and how to register?

What do you thing if you hear about Google AdSense? For some website owner, it is mean a way to get money. Publisher can get their income from Ads in their website when it click by the visitors. In this article, we will discuss about Google Adsense.


What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a partnership Advertisement program form Google. Publisher as website owner and Google has deal where ads will appear in website and publisher will earn some money. Just simple right. But, before get money, publisher need to register their website to Google AdSense and Google will review the website.

How to Register Google AdSense ?

Before getting money form AdSense you need to have Google Account and register your website to Google Adsense. If you haven’t a Google Account, Please check visit this page: How to make a new Google account (Gmail). Here are the steps :

1. Sign up your Website to Google AdSense

If you are the first user and haven’t a Google AdSense, you need to visit this link (See the picture) and follow the steps bellow :

Google Adsense Step

  • Fill your website by type URL of your site
  • Input your email address
  • Chose one between two option provided : ‘Get helpful AdSense into that email Address’. If you choose ‘Yes’,  Google will send you a customized help and performance suggestions. If you choose ‘No”, Google will not send you their suggestion for your performance.
  • Then, click ‘ Save And Continue’.

2. Create Google Account

Adsense Registration

  • Next Step is you need to fill your identity such as your first and last name.
  • Then, make your password. It consist of minimum 8 character. It will better if it made by mix of letters, numbers and symbols. More character you made for your password it will better.
  • You Need to confirm your Password to make sure you still remember it.
  • The, click ‘Next’.

3. Verify Your Gmail

The next step is you need to verify your Gmail by opening your gmail account. Google will send the verification number and copy it to the box ‘enter code’ the click ‘Verify’.


4. Get ready for get viewer from google team.

Wait for a couple of day, because google will review your website, if they approve it, then the ads will appear in your website.

my Adsense

Note : you need to set your website so it will be ready to show ads.


Many Publisher still interest to join with Google AdSense program. According to me (my personal opinion), Adsense is still on of the biggest Ads media in the world and so far I’m so happy become their partner.

According my experience, I need  to register 3 times to AdSense Program. Two of them get rejected. So many factors why we get rejected by AdSense. In my experience,  I always change theme of my website. Google viewer’s team will analyze it and think that my website is still in building step and not ready yet for Ads, but that only my personal opinion. For the last one, I just need 2 days to get approved by AdSense since I reregister it.


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